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Living heritage

"The first historical traces attesting to the existence of Château Plain Point date back to the year 1480. Historians agree that its strategic position, overlooking the valley, was likely noticed and utilized well before this period."

Centuries of history


The De Marbun family of parliamentarians inherits Château Plain Point, thus beginning an intergenerational transfer of ownership.

16th century

The first official records attest to the sale of wine produced on the property.

17th century

Château Plain Point falls victim to a fire, and the harvest is devastated by the actions of D'Harsilmont, Duke of Fronsac. Fortunately, the building is preserved.

French Revolution

The owner, De Gombaut, is arrested and executed. The château is then auctioned off to a farmer from Saint-Aignan, who gradually lets it deteriorate.


Joseph Chaperon, a prominent wine merchant from Libourne, acquires the property, undertakes its expansion and renovation, thus giving it its current appearance.

From the 19th century

The château passes through the hands of several families, who continually expand the vineyard and improve the quality of the wines. The wines of Château Plain Point grace the most prestigious tables in France, such as the restaurant Le Fouquet's in Paris and even the table of the Elysée Palace.


Renaissance of an icon

Mr. Shi Yuzhu's arrival at the helm of the property marks a turning point in the history of Château Plain Point, initiating a new chapter : one of Excellence and Precision.

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